The Passive House Planning Package (PHPP) version 10 EN is a design tool produced by the PHI Germany for use by designers.

PHPP incorporates the energy specifications for quality-approved Passivhaus buildings in an online flip book manual and application :

  • Calculating energy balances
  • Designing comfortable ventilation
  • Calculating the heat load
  • Summer comfort calculations
  • Other useful tools for reliable design of Passivhaus dwellings

designPH 2

designPH 2 is a plugin for the popular 3D design software SketchUp that delivers fast results through automatic analysis. This offers the planner flexibility while providing reliable feedback on energy efficiency throughout the project development phases and improves the decision-making process by providing continuous information.

  • Project data input and 3D display of the building envelope
  • Automatic analysis and simplified calculation of the heating demand
  • 3D editing and optimisation of the building design
  • Geometrical data of the building envelope can be exported into PHPP