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PHPP Basics - Classroom Course

Learn how to use PHPP 10 for residential building design and certification. You will be guided step-by-step through the relevant worksheets in PHPP 10 along with the incorporation of designPH and easyPH into your residential building certification process.

Manchester, 30th September & 1st October 2024

PHPP Expert Course - Manchester March 2023
PHPP Basics Course - Manchester

​Course Structure

This two-day course is tailored toward professionals interested in low-energy design, construction, and Passivhaus building certification. The course material has been licensed by the Passive House Institute and covers an introductory on-demand module as well as two hands-on modules. The modules can also be booked independently if you want to participate only in one of these two days.

All of the contents presented in this course are produced with material exclusively from the Passive House Institute, complemented with our own real examples, which include the modules and workshops following:


① Passivhaus fundamentals online module (4 h - ONLINE)

This on-demand module allows the participants to introduce or refresh the Passive House principles and basics of the building energy balance with the PHPP 10.

IN CLASSROOM - MANCHESTER (16 hours total)

② designPH 2.1 plugin (4 h - Day 1 morning)

In this in-class module, we will learn about the designPH plugin for Sketchup, developed by Passive House Institute to provide a 3D model interface to your building geometry and how to export the modelled data into PHPP.

The module will also demonstrate a faster and more accurate methodology with designPH for transferring the shading analysis into PHPP.

We will provide a download link to a student version of the designPH. If you enjoy that tool, you can buy the full version directly from us with a 15% discount.

③ Introduction to easyPH (4 h - Day 1 afternoon)

In this in-class module, we will introduce the new easyPH tool developed by Passive House Institute to streamline the design and certification process of single-family homes.

④ PHPP 10 - Building Fabric (4 h - Day 2 morning)

In this in-class module, we will start with the optimal method for introducing the data into the PHPP. We will focus on the Verification, Climate, U-values, Areas, Ground, Window and Shading worksheets.

⑤ PHPP 10 - Mechanical Services (4 h - Day 2 afternoon)

We will continue with the Ventilation and Summer ventilation worksheets and how this will impact the overheating risk due to passive cooling.

You will learn how to introduce mechanical services such as DHW, heating and cooling systems, and the rest of the primary energy demand in the different worksheets.

CPD Points for Tradesperson/Designer

Get additional CP for the renewal of your CPHD/C certificate.

This PHPP10 Basics course is recognised by PHI as further education training for Certified Passivhaus Designers/Consultants and Certified Passivhaus Tradesperson with 16 further training credit points to renew your PHI certificate!

Please write to for further information.

Prerequisites and audience

This course is addressed to building professionals with an interest in Passivhaus energy modelling. However, it is highly recommended that you have knowledge about passive house design principles. In addition, this course can help a Certified Passive House Designer/Consultant with no previous experience with real projects to explore PHPP in depth.

Your instructor

Roberto Urzua

Roberto is an architect, Passivhaus Designer, Passivhaus Trainer, PHPP Expert and Passivhaus Certifier. His professional and academic experience includes consultancy, training, and non-residential energy modelling. Roberto also has in-depth knowledge of 2-D and 3-D thermal bridge assessment.

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